For Halloween 2011, GhostWriter has been updated with more great features and is spookier than ever. Now you can have even more ghostly fun with your iOS device this Halloween.
Share The Spookiness With Twitter
With iOS 5 and GhostWriter 1.2 you can share your spooky photos via twitter. GhostWriter 1.2 uses iOS 5's built in support for twitter making it easy to share the spookiness with all your followers.

Print Your Photos
GhostWriter can now print out your spooky photos. You'll need an AirPrint compatible printer and a multi-tasking capable iPhone or iPod touch running iOS 4.3 or above.
Two New Ghoulish Effects
You can now add two new ghoulish effects to your pictures to make them even more spooky.

Diabolical Light fills your picture with a devilish orange glow and makes it look as if lit by the fires of Hades itself.

Cold Moon is sure to send shivers down the spine of the hardiest soul as it transforms every scene into one lit only by harsh and spectral moonlight.

Edit Your Ghastly Messages Instantly
You can now edit your ghastly messages directly (without returning to the Settings screen). Perfect your ghastly message before sharing it with your friends via email.

Choose Pictures from the Photo Library
As well as taking pictures with the built-in camera, GhostWriter now lets you choose from pictures in your Photo Library. As a bonus, GhostWriter now works with iPod touch too.