Proverbial Wisdom
All the Wisdom of the World - in your pocket (*). Proverbial Wisdom randomly generates new proverbs at your command. Now you need never be without a source of sagacity at your fingertips.

(*) This is almost certainly an exaggeration.

Works with iOS 4.1 or above.
Proverbial Wisdom brings an almost inexhaustible supply of proverbs, epithets and pithy insights to your iPhone or iPod touch. They may be witty, perceptive, perspicacious or downright bizarre. One thing is certain, Proverbial Wisdom's pronouncements have a warped logic all of their own.
Proverbial Wisdom may make you laugh. It may make you see the world a little bit differently. Who knows? It may even change your life forever (**).

(**) Though, we'll admit, this is rather unlikely.
  • Randomly generates proverbs at your command
  • Share proverbs via email, Twitter (***) or SMS or iMessage (***)
  • Proverb of the Day feature creates a daily proverb for you automatically
(***) iOS 5 or above required for sharing via Twitter or iMessage. iPhone required for sharing via SMS.