Take or Choose a photo!
Watch a ghastly message from beyond appear!
Hear spooky sound effects announce its arrival!
Gasp in astonishment and fright!
Save or email your pictures!

Updated for Halloween 2011 and iOS 5. Now share the spookiness with twitter and print your photos via AirPrint.

With blood-curdling fonts and spine-chilling sound effects, GhostWriter reveals hidden ‘supernatural’ messages in your pictures. Use GhostWriter to photograph your Halloween celebrations or just as a fun trick to play on your unsuspecting friends.

GhostWriter Features:
  • *NEW* Share spooky photos via twitter (iOS 5 required)
  • *NEW* Print photos to AirPrint enabled printers (requires iOS 4.3 and compatible device and printer)
  • Take pictures with your camera or choose from your photo library
  • Choose a specific ghastly message to be displayed or let GhostWriter choose one at random
  • Add your own custom messages
  • Choose from 2 ghostly fonts
  • Optionally plays one of nine spooky sound effects as the ghastly message is displayed
  • Email photos direct from GhostWriter
  • Add ghoulish effects to your photos
  • Automatic or manual display of ghastly messages

GhostWriter works with iPhone or iPod touch devices with iOS 3.1 and above. An iPhone or iPod touch (4th generation) is required to take photos with GhostWriter.

GhostWriter’s ghostly fonts support the basic English alphabet, digits and symbols. GhostWriter will work with languages that use a Roman script, but accented characters in messages will be swapped with simple ASCII counterparts.

For performance reasons, GhostWriter reduces the size of the pictures to which it adds messages to 800x600 pixels. However, you can choose to save a copy of the original picture to the photo library at full resolution.