Using GhostWriter


Taking Pictures

Launch GhostWriter and you’ll see the Homescreen. It has 3 buttons:

Take Picture - launches the iPhone camera interface and lets you take a picture. When you’re happy with your picture, press the Use button.

Choose Picture - launches the iPhone image picker and lets you select a picture from your photo library.

Settings - opens the settings screen which lets you adjust how GhostWriter works.

(Note: the Take Picture button only appears on iOS devices with a built in camera.)

When you’ve chosen a picture, or taken one with the camera, it will appear along with a ‘ghastly’ message.

Press Save Photo to save the picture to the iPhone Photo Library.

Press the Play button to replay the appearance of the ghastly message.

Press the Edit button to edit the message.

Press the Compose button to email the picture to a friend.

When you’ve finished, press the Done button to return to the Homescreen. You’ll be given the chance to save your picture if you haven’t done so already.

Emailing Pictures

Pressing the Compose button opens the standard mail composition screen. Type the email address of the person you want to email the photo to in the To field, or press the Add (+) button to choose from the address book.

Enter a subject for your email and any other text you want. The picture will already have been added for you.

When you’re ready press the Send button in the navigation bar. Your message will be queued and sent in the background.

For performance reasons, GhostWriter reduces the size of all pictures it takes to 800x600 pixels. This means it shouldn’t take too long to send your message even if you’re on a slow network connection.

Setting Messages

Press the Settings button on the Homescreen to open the Settings Screen. The settings appear as a list broken into sections.

Ghastly Message lets you change the message displayed in your pictures. Select Random if you want GhostWriter to pick a message at random.

To add your own message to the list supplied with GhostWriter, press the Add Your Own Message button.
This opens the Add Message screen. Type your message and press Done. If you change your mind, press Cancel.

You can add a message of any length. GhostWriter will try to fit it in by shrinking the text size. If it still won’t fit, GhostWriter will truncate the message. For best results remember that shorter messages are easier to read and have greater impact.

Removing Messages

To remove any of the messages press the Edit button in the navigation bar. Just like other iPhone apps this puts GhostWriter into edit mode.

Press the delete icon to the left of any message to delete it. Then confirm by pressing the Delete button.

When you’ve finished editing the messages, press the Done button in the navigation bar.

You can delete any of the messages in the Ghastly Messages section, including the standard messages that ship with GhostWriter. If you delete the standard messages and later change your mind, you can restore them using the Restore Default Messages button at the bottom of the Settings screen (see below).

Changing the Look of Messages

GhostWriter comes with two ghostly fonts to choose from. Select whichever you prefer from the Ghostly Font section of the Settings screen. Angered Spirit works better against light coloured backgrounds, whereas Blood Writ works well in all circumstances.

You can also add 3 ghoulish effects to your picture. Selecting Add Ghoulish Miasma adds a ghoulish orange fog to the lower half of your pictures. Or try applying Diabolical Light or Cold Moon to add a spooky atmosphere to your photographs.

Display Message

Select Automatically to have GhostWriter display its message automatically after you take a picture. If you deselect this setting, GhostWriter will fade in your picture and display a Display Message button. Pressing this button reveals the ghastly message.

Other Settings

If Keep Original Photos is selected, GhostWriter will save a full resolution copy of your original photo to the Photo Library. Be aware that this increases the time taken to process your pictures. Deselect this option if you’re not concerned about keeping the original photos. (The default is to Keep Original Photos.)

Ensure the Sound Effects option is selected if you’d like GhostWriter to play 1 of 9 spooky sound effects as the message appears. GhostWriter chooses the sound effect at random.

If you’ve deleted any of the standard messages (see above) and you’d like to get them back, press the Restore Default Messages button to restore them.